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Smooth Fox Terrier - Top 10 Facts (The Gentleman Terrier)

Naulo Facts

The Smooth Fox Terrier is an outgoing, vigilant, energetic, and dynamic little dog without being anxious.

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With his strong expression and attentive manner, ears up and tail shaking, the Smooth Fox Terrier puppies give us a mental picture of a dog that is always prepared to go anywhere and undertake any given task.

In this video, we have listed the top 10 interesting facts about the Smooth Fox Terrier.

A Quick Overview:

[Group: Terrier Group]
Weight: 18 pounds (male), 1517 (female)
Height: 15½ inches
Life Expectancy: 1215 years

The smooth fox terrier breed stands over a lot of ground but with a short back. It is a combination of speed, strength, and power, allowing it to run and stick around the hounds and horses throughout the hunt and to keep an eye on a fox in a narrow track.

Smooths are very much like their cousins, Wire Fox Terriers. They stand close to 15.5 inches at the shoulder. The unique physical attribute, other than their coat, is their head: A Smooth's head is more Vshaped than that of a Wire's. The thick, level coat is purely white, with dark and tan markings.

Suiting their solid chasing nature, the Smoothcoated Fox Terrier has a sharp sense of smell, great vision and surprising resilience to complete their tasks. The smooth terrier can be trained effortlessly, however, he needs a solid hand to control his longing to chase. This breed is most joyful when active.

As a friend, the Smooth Fox Terrier is tender and defensive. He makes a decent watchdog yet with a little bit of an inclination to be vocal.

The Smoothhaired Fox Terrier is usually depicted as a curious, lively, brave, vivacious, naughty, perky, bold, and free puppy. It is devoted to exploring and very much fond of chasing. What's more, some Smooth Fox Terriers are excessive barkers and diggers.

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