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SOLVING Messy Duck Problems with the Duck Palace: MESS FREE Duck Coop Build

The Good Life Here

Check the Community Tab for an image of the Duck Palace with outside dimensions. There will be a materials list there soon.

The Automatic Waterer is here:

Search for all the reasons you should not get ducks and all of them are 100% true. Ducks are some very messy birds. This duck coop features a design to solve the messy duck problem once and for all! Our pet ducks inspired us to create a garden enclosure that will allow us the maximum enjoyment with the minimum mess on a daily basis. Being a part of the garden area means our cute ducks are secure while they roam and munch away on slugs and other bugs and enjoy duck life. We sure love hearing their happy quacking sounds and love to sit and watch them swim and splash in the water, playing, and following us around the yard.

Water is the biggest messy situation to be addressed. We added an auto fill water system and a French drain as well as river stone over a graded slope to move water away from the coop. We will be able to hose away the duck poop and keep things clean and fresh.

A rodent proof gravity feed station separate from the water station will minimize the debris left in the water bucket and will mean cleaner water for longer periods of time between cleanings.

The shelter of the duck house gives the ducks a place to snuggle and nest and the hinged, lifting roof will make it easy to collect eggs. We will share our baking experiments and recipes in future videos once the ducks start laying.

Subscribe for updates on the pond upgrade from the blue kiddie pool to an easy to clean tank with drains that will provide fertilized irrigation to the garden plants. Additional upgrades may include a water misting station and cooling fans as well as a rain water collection system to automatically provide fresh rainwater to the ducks in the rainy season.

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