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Spotty - A Really Smart Puppy | Awesome Tricks (5 Months)


WHY do we train?
Trick training is great way to teach your dog body awareness, coordination, learning skills, balance, flexibility and fitness. It is also an excellent alternative for mental and physical stimulation compared to going for long walks, playing fetch and letting your dog play with other dogs. With proper training you can set up a strong communication and trust foundation with your dog.

Even though jumping is a natural behavior of a puppy and often occurs while playing, being excited and other activities, it can harm your dog when done repetitively, without proper warmup, on slippery or hard surface and without sufficient strength of muscles. Make sure your dog’s health is checked up on before you start training him.

HOW do we train?
Spotty is trained with positive reinforcement only.
I do not ever use any forms of physical or psychological intimidation, I never tell him "no" or "eh-eh" so training is never stressful or about social pressure. Its always a choice.
Before training any tricks, teach your dog to be calm around food and toys so he won’t get stressed from over excitement.
Never drill your dog on the same behavior over and over again. Keep training sessions short. The key is variety and setting him up for success so he is always getting the behaviors correct. With great planning you can teach a puppy a new trick within a minute or two.

Keep in mind, this is an edited trick video!
Most of the tricks were filmed on different days and with lots of breaks between cuts.

If you are interested in trick training and want to train your puppy/dog as well, I highly recommend you to check out those two channels on positive reinforcement training:
Dog Training by Kikopup:
Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution:

Spotty showing off his art skills, volleyball, knowing his toy's names, treibball, obedience, agility, frisbee and a lot more amazing tricks!

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