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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog Breed Guide

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Is the #staffordshirebullterrier dog breed the right one for you? Discover the pleasures and potential pitfalls of owning a #staffie in this useful video guide to the popular breed. There's expert advice from Clare Lee who's had a #staffordshireterrier in the family for more than 60 years as well as tips from canine experts on Staffie training, health and grooming.
In the video, Clare Lee tells how Staffie dogs can get along with other breeds and people. She says they’re real fun personality dogs, lively, they love to play games, and in the right environment with the right training they make fabulous pets.
It’s very important if you buy a Stafford to protect it when it’s young. Don’t let a dog down the road bully it, don’t give it a bad experience with another dog, because that is when you’re likely to create a dog that doesn’t get on with other fourlegged animals. People think of them as a guard dog, and they are not. They love people, they’re reserved as most guard dogs are. They will look after people, particularly weak people, the weakest in the family, either the child or a woman against a man, but they won’t necessarily look after your pictures or your furniture or your jewellery.

Expert dog trainer Jane Hansshaw says Staffordshire Terrier are supposed to be good with children and not so good with other dogs and that’s probably because there’s some terrier in there. From a behavioural point of view, when I think of a Staffie I’m thinking of a chewer, and a powerful chewer at that. So we’re looking at leaving it lots of appropriate things to chew such as Nylabones. If you don’t he may well start chewing your furniture. They can also tug a lot because they’ve got that bulldog part of the heritage, and that means that they can hang on to things a lot. So you need to teach and ‘off’ command very early, while it’s still a puppy. Big personality, small dog, very muscley, you need to train it.

Grooming expert JITKA KRIZOVA says the Staffordshire Bull Terrier has a smooth coat, which is really low maintenance coat. Doesn’t need to be groomed by a professional dog groomer, just brush with rubber brush on a regular basis. If you don’t want to spend money on grooming, Staffie is idea breed. They don’t smell, they’re easy to look after, always clean.

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