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Stella Does Happy Circles

Dog Named Stella

This is the EXACT MOMENT Stella realized she was free to roam indoors after MONTHS of downtime. Stella had bilateral TPLO surgery on her hind knees two months ago (11/10/16). After endless rest before the surgery, and two months of being extremely limited in her activities (carried everywhere/crated) postsurgery, Stella is recovering amazingly well! Sometimes when Stella is really happy, she grabs the closest toy and does circles around her humans. Keep being you, Stella.

Stella on Instagram: @dognamedstella
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* Note: Stella's knee surgery has no connection whatsoever to her silly way of lying down (her dog brakes) her hips are fine. Unfortunately it's very common for dogs of most breeds to damage their cranial cruciate ligaments (essentially the canine version of a human ACL), and TPLO surgery is often the best option for complete recovery.

posted by makbarag0

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