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Stray Puppy with Big Tummy Getting Rescued but His Condition Is Not Good – We Pray for Him!

AnimalSTEP Official

We could imagine how this poor soul suffered in his life in just around three months old. He is a stray puppy and spent life on the street, in temple, and he never felt how happy life is.

Animal lover found him in very bad condition, ton of fluid in his abdomen, he’s covered by ticks and fleas. He’s very weak and could even move because of the big tummy.

The doctor has provided the I.V. Disinfectant and will drain the ton of fluid from his abdomen but his condition is really not good.

We pray for this poor soul for success treatment in shortly and hopefully, he will have new life in sweet forever home.

We’re thankful everyone that taking care of him and support his medical bills to bring him second chance at life.

Please join us together to pray for him, and we will update his condition…

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