Summertime Fun with Jesse

Jesse absolutely LOVES Summertime! :D His favorite summer activities include playing at the beach, swimming, SUPing, travelling, eating watermelon, playing at the park, and of course doing tricks. :)

We hope you enjoy!
~Heather and Jesse~

***When Jesse goes in the water (swimming for his size), I put his life jacket on just to be safe. For the running on the beach clips, I took his life jacket off for filming. The jacket went right back on after so Jesse could swim in the water :)
*Jesse is restrained in the car with a dog safety belt and harness, as well as wearing eye protection.
**Watermelon is a healthy treat for dogs during summertime. I only give Jesse seedless watermelon, as the seeds are dangerous to dogs. Watermelon is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and helps dogs (and people) keep hydrated on a hot summer's day. :)

~Jesse is taught using Positive Reinforcement and Relationship-based training. He loves learning new things and participating in fun activities!

Music by: Josh Woodward "Perfect" & Instrumental "Gig" His wonderful music is under creative commons license, and is free to use as long as credit is given to the artist.

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by JustJesse197

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