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Surprise Vampire Teeth!


Surprise! We get vampire teeth after a baby vampire surprises and bites us in the finger and neck and it turns colors LOL! We learn how to fix it with toy rc car and it's no fun kids! That baby needs to be kinder to it's new family Lol! This may look like pretend or play with toys, but it's real Lol!

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Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Christmas Lights Stuck In Nose! ROACH IN ICE CREAM CAKE! SPIDER IN MOUTH! LEGO TOY BREAKS TOOTH! Roach In Food! HALLOWEEN Decorations Display - Monsters, Ghouls, Vampires, Skeletons & Clowns. TONGUE PIERCING GONE WRONG! Daisy fica com a boca torta depois de beijar Max | Chica Vampiro. Surprise Unicorn Horn Grows! COCKROACH IN RICE! BAND-AID IN CHICKEN NUGGETS! BEST Magic Geatest Playlist ZACH KING 2018, MAGIC Tricks in The World of Zach King funny Vine. LONGEST FINGER EVER! EYEBALLS POP OUT! SPIDER IN BANANA!

posted by daggart3a

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