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Tea Culture in Mulan's Time | Chinese Tea Culture History Ep 1 | CHI!? Qi!? Tea!?


You said you wanted to hear more about Chinese Tea Culture history. Well, the other day we were watching Mulan and we thought, what a great place to start! Have you seen the movie? Did you wonder if the teaware they used was what was actually used at the time? Have you ever heard of the 'Ballad of Mulan', upon which both Disney movies are based? We talk about this and much MORE!

❤In the video we are drinking Bai Ya Qi Lan (which is even related to the movie):

❤Authentic fine Chinese tea

1:19 Our impression of the movie Mulan
10:44 History background of the time
20:56 Tea culture reality in the Northern and Southern Dynasties

Keep Steeping!

#gongfutea #oolong #chineseteaculture

We hope you enjoyed the video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more videos on fine Chinese tea and tea culture. If this is your first time watching, we share our experience and tea journey with you as well as professional tastings/assessments, brewing tips and instructions, interviews with friends we’ve met along the way and just plain fun stuff we like to do on our tea journey.

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