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Teaching the HEEL Command with Danny Boy - Cont'd

Bill Hillmann

This is the followup video to "Heeling Backwards - Are you kidding?"
showing Bill working with Danny Boy and teaching the HEEL command. A full length video THE HEEL COMMAND is available at: Train Your Dog The Heel Position 3 Different Ways! TEACHING A DOWN THE SHORE MARK. How to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash in just 1 class! The Good Dog Minute 6/4/13: Severe leash aggression with biting turned around in minutes! Dog Training Tip: NEVER teach DOWN from a SIT position. Beginning Of Water Basic Training. Sitting on the whistle. How to stop Dog Anxiety, Aggression, Pulling on the leash! German Shepherd Training Full tutorial. The Long Line and Your Puppy - The Most Important Training Tool for Puppies. The extreme power of Conditioning. A Typical Training Day for Danny Boy. Teaching a Puppy to Heel. BeginningForceBackToPile. The electric collar and Positive Reinforcement - Lesson 1. Adventures of Awesome Buck Begining Basic Lessons With Bill Hillmann at Watermark Training Center.

posted by aspics57

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