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Meet the best hypoallergenic dogs. We have developed a top 10 with the best dogs for people suffering from allergies.
The hairless American terrier is a little known breed from the southern United States, but it is perfect for people suffering from allergies.

The hairless chihuahueños are a breed of miniature dogs native to Mexico. These little ones measure 5 to 9 inches and weigh 3 to 6 pounds. It means they fit easily into a medium-sized wallet.

The Mexican bald dog or also known as "Xolo" is a native of the Aztec country. It is completely bald so it is ideal for people who hate picking their pet's hairs from the sofa, clothes and rugs thus avoiding any allergic reaction.

 Among the most curious or rare breeds in the world is the Peruvian hairless dog, considered patrimony of its nation since 2001. Also known as "Viringo", this specimen has as its main characteristic the absence of hair, either partial or total.

An unusual canine friend, the Argentine pila dog is a small breed of hairless dogs, with a soft and dark skin, a sweet, cheerful and alert nature.

This dog has a punk soul. The crested Chinese is a dog has no fur except for having it on its head hair with a punk crest and some on its paws.

The miniature poodle is one of the breeds that stands out for its intelligence and good memory so it will learn your orders with ease.

This adorable little dog, very similar to a stuffed animal, also known as a curly haired bichon because of its "afro" appearance, doesn’t shed in the shape of spirals, practically nothing.

The italian greyhound is undoubtedly the miniature version of greyhounds. This canine usually weighs a maximum of 17 pounds.

It is a small dog that doesn’t shed and does not produce dandruff, excellent for people with allergies and who live in apartments.

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