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The Best Way to Setup the 2020 Fire TV Stick

Tech With Brett

The brand new Fire TV Stick brings a brand new controller with volume controls and a processor that is 50% faster! This video will take you through the full setup and how to get the most your of your new Fire TV Stick.

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2020 Fire TV Stick Lite on Amazon:​
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Echo Dot 3rd gen on Amazon:​

00:00​ 2020 Fire TV Stick
00:23​ Unboxing
01:50​ TV Stick vs TV Stick Lite
02:18​ Features
04:28​ Installation & Setup
08:35​ Homescreen Tutorial
12:33​ Fire TV Remote App
13:56​ Display Resolution
15:46​ Customize Screensaver
18:04​ Display Mirroring
20:29​ Amazon Alexa
21:59​ Video controls
23:42​ Fire TV + Echo
27:02​ Casting Videos
28:30​ Quick Menu

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