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Top 10 BIGGEST Dog Breeds IN THE WORLD 🐕

Trend Max

Dogs are loyal and caring animals. But besides their enormous hearts, some of them are also huge in size. Let’s know the biggest dog breeds!


Clear the way, the big lion is coming. I didn’t mean you, Simba, I said the big lion, not the Lion King. I’m sorry, but this dog deserved an introduction as considerable as his height.

Oops, I think someone was cleaning up and left the mop in here. Oh no, it was actually a Komondor! Don’t judge me, anyone can get confused with that look.

English Mastiff
Easy, he is just a harmless English Mastiff! Alright, his enormous height may intimidate you a little bit, but don’t get fooled, this is one of the kindest and most loyal dogs that exists.

Black Russian Terrier
This dog truly commands respect, and not only for his height but because he comes directly from army lines. The Black Russian Terrier is a breed created by the Soviet Army in order to get an ideal species to perform different tasks.

Great Pyrenees
The Great Pyrenees has his roots in France and Spain and is known by his elegance and majesty. But if there is something that stands out at first impression, it is his big size.

It’s very usual to see super-dogs in movies, but have you ever seen one in real life? This is the brave Landseer, a breed of Norway origin that has rescued many people from dying drowned in the sea.

Kangal Shepherd
You would be shocked to know the adventures this dog has been embarked on, like that time when Hugh Jackman played a character belonged to the nobility, or when cats tried to control the world.

Great Dane
If you have ever bumped into this kind of dogs in the street, they probably seemed familiar to you. Well, you know them anyway.

Irish Wolfhound
How to forget that time when Robin Hood was cruelly dumped. Ouch, poor Robin! Not even me could get over it. Fortunately, a doggy partner was there to help him fix his broken heart: The loyal Irish Wolfhound.

Saint Bernard
Get ready all the cameras because arrives from Hollywood to the Trend Max’s red carpet, the number one of this top.

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posted by Macajkah51

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