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The Bull Arab Dog Breed

John Bern

The Bull Arab is symmetrical and well-built all over. The head and muzzle are strong and powerful, moderate in length in proportion to the face. The eyes are bright. The color of the eyes depends on the coat color. The teeth meet in a level bite. The full drop ears are moderate in size. The strong neck is slightly arched, moderate in length. The chest is not too big, nor too shallow. The strong, straight back is in proportion to the height and is not too long, not too short. The muscular hindquarters are straight when viewed from behind, and well angled when viewed from the side. The oval feet are close knit with arched toes. The tail’s length is in proportion to the body, thick at the base and tapering to a point. The coat is smooth and short. In colder weather there may be a soft undercoat. There is no feathering on the tail or legs and the dog has no double coat appearance. Most dogs are predominantly white with patches of colors, often with ticking on their white patches. Coat colors include liver (with a red nose), black, red, buckskin, blue, silver, tan and brindle. TOP 10 GUARD DOGS FOR FAMILIES - Best Puppy Breed To Protect Family And House. ALL ABOUT THE KANGAL DOG: THE FINEST GUARDIAN DOG. BULL ARAB / AMERICAN BULLDOG. Puppy furious after ocean water destroys his sandcastle. THE AMAZING LOUISIANA CATAHOULA LEOPARD DOG. Pakistani Dog breeds and their price in Pakistan. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH AMERICAN BULLDOGS. Dogs 101 - RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK - Top Dog Facts About the RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK. 10 Biggest Guard Dogs In The World. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Extremely Muscular Dog. ALL ABOUT VIZSLA: HUNGARIAN SPORTING DOG. Best of American Bully Pitbulls - Extreme Dogs. Dogs 101- Weimaraner. 13 Unbelievable Great Dane Cross Breeds You Have To See. American bull Dog cross uk Staffy In action !!!!

posted by xadcakelytxd

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