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The Car-Replacement Bicycle (the bakfiets)

Not Just Bikes

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When we were moving back to Canada, we knew we'd need a car, but we couldn't afford one after the move. Thankfully, we found an electric bakfiets, and not only did it take the place of a car, it also saved us thousands of dollars in the process.

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Thanks to Modacity for the photo used in the thumbnail:

Thanks to @Propel for providing some of the footage used in this video. If you'd like to purchase an electric bike or bakfiets in New York or LA, check them out:

Thanks also to nrbi who provided footage of a cargo bakfiets in action in Toronto:

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NJB Live (my bicycle livestream channel):

References & further reading:

Short history of the cargo bike
The cargo bike: Undervalued allrounder with promising future

Belading DC_2 per bakfiets. Vliegtuig PH_AKJ Jan van Gent, op Schiphol, onteigend door Duitsers mei 1940

Een bakfiets van warenhuis Metz & Co., Keizersgracht 455, in een rijwielstalling.

Bakfiets met kinderzitjes

Een bakfiets van A.P. de Zwart Czn., Stadhouderskade 61.

Met Floriadepark; Europaboulevard

Linksvoor Nieuwe Achtergracht 2931 en daarachter de voormalige brood en meelfabriek Nieuwe Prinsengracht 5557

Op de voorgrond de Nieuwe Prinsengracht, gezien vanaf het dak van gebouw Ceres.

De toegang aan de zuidzijde van de Coentunnel.

Overzicht straat Frederik Hendrikstraat

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Kinder und WarentransportPedelec, von Urban Arrow, 2019 in Frankfurt am Main (modified)
By Bigral Own work, CC BYSA 4.0,

Waste receptacles or dumpsters bearing the “BFI Canada” logo (a division of IESIBFC Ltd.) Photo taken at Calgary, Alberta, Canada (modified)
By User:Seerig Own work, CC BYSA 3.0,

0:00 Intro
0:48 The Bakfiets
1:31 Mikey likes it!
2:18 The history of the cargo bike
2:55 The modern electric bakfiets
3:40 The bakfietsmoeder
4:13 Bakfiets as a second car
4:48 The money talk
6:14 Curiosity Stream & Nebula ad
6:27 The stuff we hauled
7:10 Commercial bakfietsen
7:57 The twitters
8:49 But the streets aren't safe
10:00 Bakfietsmoeders of the world ... UNITE!
10:35 Patreon shoutout

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