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The Different Types of German Shepherds Which One Should You Get

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How Many Different Types Of German Shepherds Are There

What are the different types of German Shepherds? If you’re planning to get a German Shepherd dog of your own, it is important to research about the breed. While all dogs are lovable and loyal, their appearance, temperament, energy levels, and activity vary. It may or may not surprise you but sometimes these factors may also vary in any breed – just like the German Shepherds.
There are 5 different types of German Shepherds. These types of German Shepherds are the same breed we love and adore but the distinction helps can help future owners and trainers which GSD’s are better suited for different roles and jobs. Here are the different types of German Shepherd dogs.

1 – American show lines
2 – West German show lines
3 – West German working lines
4 – East German DDR Working lines
5 - Czech Working lines

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