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The List, is Dogumentary TV's community generated ranking of the top mastiff dog breeds. From a sampling of over 100 Dogumenatry TV subscribers, I compiled this list. Many of you know that Dogumentary TV is into the big dogs. So I thought what better breed to feature in the pilot episode of THE LIST. Many mastiff breeds were nominated but only ten made your final list. Some notable breeds that didn't make it were the Tosa Inu, Saint Bernard, and Newfoundland. World's RAREST Dog Breeds Ever! Lord Loki Cane Corso — Where is my toy?? AMERICAN MOLOSSUS: A RECREATION OF AN ANCIENT DOG BREED. How to make your XL pitbull 100 lbs ULTRA CLASS FAMILY. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS ARE THE WATCH DOG FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. PRESA CANARIO: THE ULTIMATE K9 PROTECTOR. 14 MORE of the Worlds Most Dangerous Dog Breeds. 10 Most Ancient Dog Breeds On Earth 3. TOP 10 GUARD DOGS FOR FAMILIES - Best Puppy Breed To Protect Family And House. Another aggressive pit bull at the dog park challenged Preacher today. FILA BRASILEIRO A BEAUTY AND A BEAST. BOXER DOG: BEST DOG PROTECTOR (Tommy And Cid). Top 10 Best Hot Weather Dog Breeds in the World. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH THE AMERICAN BULLY. CANE CORSO: MAN'S BEST FRIEND.

posted by butassisly

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