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These dogs love children and children definitely love these dogs. If you want a pet for your children, this top is for you.
This breed of dog, best known for the Snoopy cartoons, is very affectionate, intelligent, cheerful and has great energy to play with children.

It is the best company for active and energetic children, with which they will have hours and hours of games and fun. It has an obedient, intelligent, loyal and active temperament, so it is advisable to have it in open spaces.

It can’t be overlooked that the Cocker Spaniel, this is a happy, affectionate, playful, sociable breed with adults, but especially so with children.

The Bichón Frisé is a good option for children; they are playful and charming, because they have the appearance of a cute white stuffed animal.

Considered one of the most intelligent breeds, it is active, easy to care for and ideal for children with allergies, since you can keep its coat very short or even shave it.

Despite its somewhat sad appearance, this dog is known as "the eternal puppy", because even when it reaches adulthood, it will continue playing with inexhaustible energies, making it an excellent playmate for children, it is even very likely that people get tired before the dog.

It is ideal to play with children and the best thing is that you will not have to be so aware of your children because the Collie acts practically like a guard dog.

This is a good breed for children, it is very versatile, intelligent and obedient by nature, ideal for any family because it is easy to train.

Intelligent, affectionate, obedient and educated by nature, the labrador is a good playmate and one of the best breeds for children.

The Golden Retriever is a good playmate, is characterized by its beautiful fur, being friendly, playful, learns easily and is also excellent for bringing and carrying objects.

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posted by Macajkah51

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