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Meet the oldest cats in the world. Some of these little cats lived up to 39 years, This is as if a human had lived 172 years.

Here the top 10 of the longest-lived cats

Missan is a female cat from Sweden and has competed for the title of the oldest dog in the world a couple of times. It was adopted by Asa Wickberg when he found it in 1985.

Lucy was born in Thomas Street, Llaneli in 1972. It’s 39 years old, which is equivalent to 172 cat years. It practically doubled the life expectation for normal cats.

-Creme puff 38
Creme puff was born in 1967 and is until now the oldest cat ever registered in the Guinness World record.

-Granpa Rexs Allen 
Granpa Rex Allen was born in 1964 and is one of the oldest cats in the world that made it to the Guinness World Records book. It was adopted by Jake Perry from Texas when this cat was only 5 years old.

Sarah lived for so many years it was considered the oldest cat in New Zeland. Can you imagine how old was she? Although you might not believe it, this cat lived for 33 years and 6 months.

-Miez Maz
Miez Maz is one of the oldest cats in the world, can you guess how long did it live? 33 incredible long years! Amazing!

Little Sasha was rescued by her owner Elizabeth O’Neil in 1991. At the beginning, Elizabeth thought it was a just baby cat but big was her surprise when the veterinaries told her the cat was almost 5 years old.

Its owners, Ian and Liz Finlay, met Nutmeg when their older cat, Spice, took it to its house a lot of times. That’s how they finally decided to adopt this cat because it was really beautiful.

This little cat lived 31 years and 2 months. Its owners were Elkington and her husband David, an aromatherapist. Both lived in Dorset, England, accompanied by Spike.

You might not believe this but, this kitten was found inside a trash can. It was born in September 11th 1985 in Melbourne, Australia. Her owner was Lorraine Arnott, who was in a school bus and adopted the cad when she was 5 years old.

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