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Meet the oldest dogs in the world. Dogs can live on average between 15 and 20 years, but you won't believe that there are dogs that exceed the average.

Here the summary of the top 10 of the oldest dogs.

Max from Louisiana was a half blood dog, it was the result of a mixture between a Beagle, Dachshund and a Terrier. His owner was Janelle Deroune and bought it to a local sugar canes farmer in 1983.

She was born in Australia and was a big contender for the title of the Oldest Dog in the World by the Guinness World Record. However, because of a missing document that proves the date she was born, she couldn’t get it.

Bluey was a dog from Victoria, Australia. It’s true that there’re a lot of dogs that have lived more than this one but they didn’t have the necessary documentation to prove this fact so they couldn’t get the title in the Guinness World Record as this dog did.

The adorable Bella lived in Derbyshire, England, and is one of the dogs that couldn’t get into the Guinness World Record Book because it didn’t have a certificated day of birth.

-Taffy Gayle
Brenda and Barney Harvill are a couple that couldn’t have a child. That’s why they decided to adopt a little poodle called Taffy Gayle.

Bramble was a Border Collie that hold the title for The Oldest Dog in the World by the Guinness World Record living 27 years and 211 days.

This is a historic canine, because it was the oldest Labrador ever, its age was verified by the World Guinness Record Book. Can you imagine how old was this dog? 27 years and 98 days!

This cute dog was born in 1990 and its owners owns rooms for guests, place where it lived its whole life and was known as the oldest dog in Hungary.

Pusuke is one of the dogs that had more titles of the Oldest Dog by the World Guinness Records. It lived 26 years and 248 days, which is equivalent to 125 dog years.

Jack was born in the United Kingdom and was known as one of the oldest dogs in that country. Its owners, Ray Bunn and his wife, adopted him after one of their neighbors found the dog tied to a tree.

This little Jack Russell obtained the title for The Oldest Dog in Great Britain. Meg lived in a farm until it was 18 months, when it was adopted by David Abrahams.

These dogs probably will not be the biggest in the world or the best doing tricks, but thanks to the age they reached, they accompanied their owners for a long time, possibly from their childhood to adulthood and left a large gap in their lives.
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