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The Puli a dog with a particular coat.

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The Puli, a dog with a particular coat. It is certainly the coat of the Puli that makes this dog recognizable among all. Consisting of long hair with the appearance of ropes which, in particular, hide its eyes, this sheepdog has a unique appearance. Originally a herding dog, the Puli is a wonderful companion animal, devoted and loyal.

Size: 34 cm to 47 cm.
Weight: 10 kg to 15 kg.
Hair: long.
Color: white, black, fawn or gray.
Life expectancy: up to 15 years.
Gestation period: 63 days.
Description and characteristics of Puli.

The Puli is mainly distinguished by its atypical dress. Either white, black, gray or fawn, it is indeed made up of long hairs (up to 30 cm) very thick, with the appearance of ropes, like dreadlocks as worn by rastas in Jamaica. in particular, and which cover his whole body, even his eyes. When he is small, his hair is tight, wavy or frizzy. They take the form of cords from around 8 months.

If it is therefore not easy to see his eyes, we can still say that they are dark brown in color and give the Puli a lively and intelligent expression. He wears his ears, in the shape of a «V» and rounded at their end, drooping.

Otherwise, the Puli is a mediumsized dog with a lean, muscular body and a rather boxy build. It has the particularity of carrying its tail rolled up on its back. The Puli is also particularly recognizable by its alert and bouncy gait, characteristic of its breed.

Origin of the Puli.

The Puli is a very old breed originating at the base of Tibet. He would descend from the Persian Shepherd or ancient Asian Shepherds. It was imported from its country of origin in Hungary as early as the 11th century where it is now a bred, recognized and very popular dog since the beginning of the 20th century.

Originally, the Puli was used as a herding dog to guard flocks of sheep in the steppes or grasslands typical of the Carpathian Basin in Hungary.

Character and behavior of the Puli – Who is it for?

The Puli is a very pleasant pet. Even if he is lively, he has a good character, he is affectionate and his education is very easy. He shows unparalleled devotion to his masters and is very loyal. He is a dog who appreciates the presence of children in his family.

Given its origin as a herding dog, it is a very gifted guard dog. He is wary of people outside his family and warns by his bark of their presence.

Energetic, the Puli is best suited to an active, even athletic master.

How to take care of your Puli: its needs.

Even if the environment that best suits the Puli is rather the countryside, it is a dog that has become perfectly accustomed to life in the city. Nevertheless, he must be able to benefit from regular physical exercise to stay in shape.

On the maintenance side, the Puli requires a lot of time and care because of its particular coat. It is advisable to regularly clean its «dreadlocks» which can collect a lot of dust and detritus by giving regular baths to the dog. Until he becomes an adult in particular, it is also necessary to untangle his hair made up of cords by hand by regularly passing your fingers through the middle of his fur. On the other hand, you should never brush or comb your coat.

Puli’s diet.

The Puli is not a picky dog ​​when it comes to food, nor does it exhibit a big appetite. His food (industrial or «homemade») must be of good quality and above all adapted to his age, his state of health and his physical exercise.

The health of the Puli.

The Puli is of robust constitution. Its very thick coat allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions. There are no known diseases specific to its breed.

Price of a Puli Puppy.

The price of a Puli puppy will depend on the sex, the pedigree of the parents, conformity to breed standards, etc.

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