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Meet the 10 smallest dog breeds in the world. They are so small that they fit in the palm of a hand.
There are dogs of different sizes, but the ones that we love the most are those of small breed, chihuahua for example, or Maltese.

In this list you will meet these little dogs.

These precious beings are of Mexican origin and are believed to come from 'techichi', a breed of dog bred by the 'Toltecs' in central Mexico.

The Pomeranian is a truly adorable breed. It can measure up to to 8.66 inches and a weight about 7.7 pounds. They are outgoing, intelligent, energetic and curious pets.

The Maltese Bichon is a beauty and has a charming personality, intelligent and full of life, in addition to being excellent company.

It is very small, but it has nothing weak. He is very close to its master and loves being the center of attention.

This canine may have a sort of sad expression, but do not be alarmed. It is only appearance, because it is cocky and loves to do what it wants.

The Shih-Tzus are of Chinese origin, like the Pekingese. Its name means 'lion dog', a title that does not fit so well because of its tiny size.

This canine specimen reminds us of a tasty sausage, it is literally called 'the sausage dog'. It has its origin in Germany.

The Australian Terrier comes, obviously, from Australia. In the beginning, these beautiful furry and short-legged puppies were bred to hunt small animals like mice.

No, it is not a rat as you might think if it is mentioned to you. The Prague ratter dog is very similar to the Chihuahua because of its appearance, size and personality.

If you want a dog that learns tricks, the Fox Terrier Toy is the one. It was created by the Americans when crossing the straight hair dwarf Fox Terrier and Chihuahuas.

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