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The stubborn side to owning a Boxer dog.

Layla the Boxer Dog

Now I know I get my regular "I know it all and I'm right people" commenting on my videos of you shpuld give only One command OR Layla is Not trained.... she is trained and has been since 4 months old (sort of at that age)

Boxer Dogs are notorious for being stubborn as boxer owners will know.

Layla is in her comfort zone and adamant not to move.

The pants are for her season

**If you're reading this ... You are only going to know Layla is being bred this week so puppies are on the way ... leave a comment of "I KNOW" Below and don't spoil the surprise (appreciation of reading the description) 😉😉❤ Boxer Pups Terrorize Living Room. Obedient Boxer Dog Share Orange With Dad 🍊❤️ NO DROOLING!!! Boxer Dog Documentary (info, temperament, training tips). How to Choose the Perfect Dog Breed Just for You. boxer wants cats spot by the fire. When a boxer pouts. Dog not allowed on couch tries to bend the rules. Boxer Dog takes tantrum when water dish empty. Owner engages in hilarious argument with his dog. Funny Boxer Dog Talking Compilation. ELEVEN BOXER PUPS IN A LITTER! * NATURAL BOBTAIL & LONG TAIL. Kong: The 150lb Pitbull Puppy Set To Outgrow Hulk | DOG DYNASTY. Why Would You Choose a Boxer?! BROCK THE BOXER DOG. Dog talks about new couch rule. ALL ABOUT LIVING WITH BOXER DOGS.

posted by heimtar1t

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