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The Ultimate Guide To Making Amazing Chicken Stock

Joshua Weissman

Making chicken stock or any stock for that matter, is NOT about a recipe whatsoever. It's all about the technique. You can make two completely different kinds of stock with almost the exact same ingredients and yet have them be totally different in flavor and appearance. Hence, white stock and brown stock. This guide is going to talk all about that, and I also decided to throw in a little bit on how to cut up a chicken and totally debone it's thigh! So, let's all start making homemade chicken stock more often, and let's start that here.

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Ingredients you'll need:
Brown Stock-
Chicken, beef, pork, or lamb bones (about 2-4# or 1-2 kg is a good start)
1 large carrot, rough chop
1 large onion (you can leave the skin on), rough chop
2 ribs celery, rough chop

White Stock-
Chicken, beef, pork, or lamb bones (although usually chicken)
1 large peeled onion, rough chopped
5 cloves garlic rough chopped
2 ribs celery, rough chopped
1 bay leaf

Don't season your chicken stock with salt or pepper. This is something that's overlooked quite often. Season whenever you use it in a recipe. The reason why is that if you season it nicely when it's freshly made, then it will likely end up too salty if it gets reduced for a sauce or added to a soup, etc.

I also said 2-4 hours on the stock, then said 3-4 hours. It should be 2-4 hours... Just to clear up any potential confusion.

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