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This dogs reaction is hilariously adorable 😂❤️

Brennan Rogers

Go check out Jaqweenie!
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After their dog injured his paw, nobody expected what would happen next...

When their dog named Jaqweenie hurt his paw at the dog park, his owners thought it might be serious due to the way he was favouring it. You can see the pup obviously concerned as his leg started to shake, so they quickly brought him to the vet to get him checked out.

The vet did a few tests, like taking his blood pressure and checking to make sure his knee didn't pop out, but everything seemed to come back normal.. That's when the vet found the tiniest little cut on his paw, which they described as 'the smallest little paper cut ever'

The dog obviously thought it was a bigger deal than it was, so the vet gave him a special bandaid to 'lessen the pressure on his injury', and when they brought him home, Jaqweenie insisted on being carried inside He continued to milk the 'injury' for all that it was worth, but the second it was time for dinner, he managed to summon the strength to walk to the kitchen for some food

An amazing performance by the sweetest pup ever ❤

posted by Sifarosig3

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