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This Is Why The Glass Goes In The Cheese – Wait 20 Minutes & You Won't Believe Your Eyes!


9 Hearty Recipes With Puff Pastry | Puff pastry is a very popular ingredient, especially since it can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. Whether with cheese and bacon or strawberries and chocolate, there's something for every taste. As much as we love the sweet recipes, we've chosen to focus on the savory today with these 9 mouthwatering dishes featuring puff pastry.

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1. Chicken Cordon Bleu Puff Pastry Wrap

The French phrase "cordon bleu" translates as "blue ribbon" in English and was once a byword for the best dishes from the best kitchens. The cordon bleu schnitzel was probably developed in Switzerland in the 1940s — this baked chicken recipe has proved itself a timeless classic, which can still be adapted creatively for today's ever-adventurous appetites. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

2. Bacon & Cheese Surprise

We all know it's what's inside that counts. But with this tasty treat that's not the whole story, because it comes with an enticing bacon topping as well. Having said that, the baked pastry ring still has something special within — both inside the pastry and inside the circle. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

3. Zucchini & Smoked Salmon Rolls

Smoked salmon and cream cheese is a classic combination that marries the understated saltiness of the fish with light buttery smoothness. To create our tasty little rolls, we've also thrown fresh zucchini and crisp puff pastry into the mix for some added texture. It only takes four ingredients and you'll have the perfect appetizer in no time! Get the full recipe & instructions here:

4. Mashed Potato Puff Pastry Ring with Camembert Cheese Center

There's a celebration coming up and you don't know what party snacks to serve? There are plenty of easy appetizers to choose from, but this finger food recipe will help your party make an impact with something a little bit different. With mashed potatoes and a ring of puff pastry, this sun-shaped dish is not only easy to prepare, but it's sure to be a big hit with all the guests. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

5. Beef Wellington Ring

The origin of this ingenious recipe for beef lovers is a little controversial. We already know that beef or filet wellington is about 100 years old and is a variation on a French dish. But the form in which this tasty creation wrapped in puff pastry is presented today might surprise even connoisseurs of this classic. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

6. 4-In-1 Puff Pastry Roll Up

Are you dying to serve a finger food that's more than just an appetizing snack? Wouldn't it be nice to have the guests see your food from across the room and say, "That's what I want to eat!"? This hearty roll up will give you exactly that, thanks to its four tasty fillings that offer something for every palate. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

7. Beef & Zucchini Tart

Zucchini is not for everyone — but as soon as you smell it cooking alongside puff pastry and ground beef, we think you'll come around. Throw it all together and top it off with a fresh and tasty yogurt sauce and you'll be looking at an irresistible, shareable treat. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

8. Cheese Flower Quiche

If you want a dish that will impress at your next get-together, this blossoming cheese pie is just the party food for you! With a flaky crust, cheesy edge, and delicious bacon quiche center, your guests will be falling all over themselves just trying to grab a piece. Get the full recipe & instructions here:

9. Stuffed Peppers In Puff Pastry

We bet you've never had stuffed peppers like this before! A cheesy meat or vegetarian center surrounded by a roasted sweet pepper, all encased in a flaky, yet doughy crust — this is what dinner has been missing all these years. Get the full recipe & instructions here:


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