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Too much confusion in dog training / just train the dog

Larry Krohn


With so much information on social media today it can become overwhelming for dog owners and young dog trainers to decipher what is true and what is not. Just train the dog in front of you the best you can. Do what feels right HOW TO TRAIN an Anxious Doberman with E-Collar (Remote Collar/Shock Collar). How to teach any dog to go potty and clean their own feet on command. How to create speed in the bite for working dogs with Larry Krohn. Dog training questions / prong collars / e collars / corrections / aggression. Teaching dogs behaviors vs correcting unwanted behaviors. First E Collar / Remote Collar Session with Big Powerful Rottweiler. One Example of Working with Fearful Dogs / Nashville, Bowling Green Dog Training. The 80/20 rule in dog training / obedience vs behavior / Ian Grant Podcast. Teaching the OUT command to high drive puppies. What I teach my puppies first / puppy training. The Unsexiest Dog Training Video Ever / Real Dog Training / Real Boring. Raising a Puppy / My Puppy Routine / Pak Masters Dog Training. How our emotions affect our dogs. The spay neuter debate. Dog training questions and answers with Larry Krohn 5/12/17 - Aggression Treatement.

posted by halitoseuy

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