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Not even the best observer in the world could at first realize that an animal is in front of him. Nature really surprises us with these masters of disguise.


Is this a magic trick or that leaf is moving? Not really, it is only the katydid fooling you with its camouflage. This leaping friend is easily recognizable for its large antennas, even larger than its body.

Great grey owl
Can you imagine being skiing in a snowy forest and getting these big yellow eyes staring at you? Well, maybe you don't even notice their presence, because the great grey owl is really big but it does know how to get hidden.

The buff-tip
I know what are you thinking. Why this is a branch and not an animal? But if you take a careful look, it is right there. The buff-tip is a master of disguise, thanks to its brown and gray wings it can slip by unseen through leaves and branches, like it was part of the whole picture.

Giant leaf insect
Well, you know the phrase: You are what you eat. So it can be perfectly used for this insect. The camouflage of the giant leaf insect is so good that not only its predators get confused, but many people also get shocked at seeing the leaf, that was lied on the ground, moving.

Stick Insect
This is probably the bug with the most iconic camouflage. The stick insect still maintains its status as one of the insects that can best go unnoticed.

Bird dung crab spider
I know, this animal is not easy on the eyes, but that’s the point. Even if it looks like bird excrement dropped on a leaf, this look helps the bird dung crab spider to distract its predators.

Gray tree frog
This frog is an extension of its habitat. The gray tree frog has different colors, such as green, gray or brown depending on the place it is and feeds on. Just in seconds this amphibian active its camouflage and can disappear inside its habitat.

There are so many species of chameleons that I couldn't resist paying tribute to all of them. Because each one is unique, but they have something in common: the color-changing ability.

Satanic leaf-tailed gecko
Trust me, I’m not making up this name! This is a completely real name. The satanic leaf-tailed gecko is a flaky reptile that hides among trees and can fool your eyes.

Pygmy seahorse
Pay close attention! This beautiful little creature is the lord and master of camouflage. This is the pygmy seahorse! At first sight, you will think it is a little piece of detached coral, but if you take a good look at it, you will realize it is a little seahorse becoming camouflaged in its environment.

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