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Top 5 Fastest Dogs In the World

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Top 5 Fastest Dogs In The World

1. Greyhound
Historically bred for coursing and racing, it’s no surprise that the Greyhound takes the top spot with a full speed of 43 mph. The Greyhound is not an aggressive dog – this is a common misconception because they wear muzzles during races. After races, Greyhounds remain quite excited and there is a small risk they could nip other dogs. This is especially a problem due to their very thin skin; a small tear could result in stitches and time out of racing. Off the course, many owners keep their dogs muzzled, due to their high prey drive. Greyhounds make wonderful pets thanks to their gentle nature and deep loyalty. They enjoy company and can socialise with other dogs and possibly even cats. Contrary to popular belief, Greyhounds do not require extended periods of exercise – they are built for sprinting, not endurance.

Whippets are believed to be descendants from Greyhounds who were too small for stag and deer hunting in England. These dogs were returned to their breeders, who continued to breed them and thus produced a smaller dog useful for rat catching and hunting hares and rabbits. Commonly known to ‘snap up’ prey, they assumed the nickname ‘snap dogs’. They have a unique way of running known as double suspension gallop; resulting in all legs being off the ground twice in each stride. This allows the breed to reach speeds of around 40 mph. Although not the fastest dog in the world, they are certainly the quickest at accelerating. Extremely intelligent, they are generally very gentle in temperament and are not prone to barking. Being race dogs they require regular exercise, although many are content to spend most of their time resting and lounging with their owner.

The Saluki go by a variety of names including the Royal Dog of Egypt and the Persian Greyhound. Traditionally, they were part of Middle Eastern caravans and nomadic tribes, stretching from the Sahara to China. Their primary use was to hunt down gazelles, which is hardly surprising as they can run up to 32 mph. Due to their hunting qualities, many Saluki are often seen as independent and aloof, and they can get bored easily if left alone for prolonged periods. Harsh training methods are not advised because of their intelligence and they often will not partake in some types of games. Socialising at an early age can prevent their shyness from developing and they very quickly become exceptionally affectionate and gentle to their owners. Although they may only take third place on this list, the Saluki has remarkable stamina and, when coupled with its heavily padded feet to absorb shocks, this breed is thought to be much faster over longer distances.

The Borzoi is a Russian wolfhound whose name translates to ‘fast’ – a perfect title for this breed which can reach speeds of around 30 mph. They are very similar to Afghan Hounds in appearance, but they have a shorter coat and weigh closer to 100 pounds. Borzoi were immensely popular with the Russian Tsars, who arranged well organized hunting trials used for breeding selection. Only the quickest went on to produce pups. For centuries throughout Russia, Borzoi could not be bought and were only received as gifts from the Tsar – a high commendation indeed. They are a very quiet breed whose bark is rarely heard. With a very small territorial drive, they do not make the best guards and should not be relied on to alert their owners about any potential intruders. Due to their intelligence, this breed remain selective learners who quickly tire of repetitive tasks and need proper motivation for training to be successful.

5.Great Dane
One of the largest breeds of dogs on our list, the Great Dane has become infamous for its enormous size – the largest one went by the apt name of ‘Zeus’ and measured 112cm from paw to shoulder. Nicknamed the gentle giant, Great Danes are well disposed to other dogs, animals and humans, and the breed shows minimum aggressiveness. They can easily become a family’s favourite pet and take preference to sitting on laps, even if they are not quite the ideal size for this! As with all dogs, Great Danes require daily walks. However, particular care must be taken to not over exercise them, especially when young. Puppies grow very large and very quickly, so too much exercise can increase their risk of joint and bone damage. Used historically for hunting bear, deer and boar, this breed can run at surprising speeds reaching around 29 mph. TOP 10 BEST GUARD DOGS. Dogs of honour - Mudhol hounds. Outstanding DOG AND RABBIT RACE 2019. This video never gets old. Watch till End. irish greyhound derby race | Hare coursing | Khargosh ka shikar | lurchers | dog race. Greyhound Derby Final 2010. rabbit jumping | greyhound coursing 2018 | dog race. TOP 10 BEST HUNTING DOG BREEDS. Cheetah vs Greyhound | World's Fastest Dog In Super Slow Motion | Slo Mo #29 | Earth Unplugged. THE BIGGEST DOGS In The World. 7 Most Banned and Dangerous Dogs Around In the World. TOP 5 FASTEST DOGS ON EARTH IN HINDI - DOGS IN HINDI - THE ULTIMATE CHANNEL. Greyhound - AKC Dog Breed Series. Greyhound vs Wolf - Which one is Faster? 30 Weave Up & Back Competition - 2016 Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® Western Regionals. FCI Racing World Championship 2016, whippet males.

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