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Toy Fox Terrier - Top 10 Facts

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Toy Fox Terrier is a small terrier breed of dog originally created as a smaller version of their larger Smooth Fox Terrier dog breed ancestors. These dogs have been used for a variety of tasks, serving as ratters on farms and as hunters of small game such as squirrel.

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In this video, we are counting down the top 10 facts about the Toy Fox Terrier that you might not know.

A Quick Overview:
Group: Terrier Dogs
Weight: 3 to 7 pounds
Height: 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder
Life Expectancy: 13 to 14 years

The Toy Fox Terrier (TFT) was developed in the United States, making him one of only a few breeds that are truly "All American." He was created from small Smooth Fox Terriers bred with several toy breeds — including Chihuahuas and Manchester Terriers — to set breed size. He's a true terrier, with fire, heart, and spirit to go out in the field hunting squirrel, and a true toy dog, a diminutive, loving companion who will curl up on the sofa and watch TV with his people.

Toy Fox Terriers are highly intelligent. They housetrain easily as puppies and their small size makes them suited to using a canine litter box or housetraining pad. Obedience and other canine activities come easily to them as well, perhaps a vestige of their heritage. TFTs did acrobatics, walked tightropes, and performed other circus dog tricks in the small dog and pony shows that once traveled the country. Today, they are shown in conformation and do quite well in obedience and agility trials, rally, and flyball.


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0:00 Introduction
1:05 1. Their history
2:08 2. Their Appearance
2:43 3. They are extremely playful
3:30 4. They might not fare well with kids
4:20 5. They have ample energy
4:55 6. Their exercise needs
5:42 7. Their Coat and color
6:28 8. They are easy to groom
7:00 9. Their training
7:35 10. Their health issues
8:17 Outro

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