Training Your Service Dog: Is it right for you? Things to consider, cost overview, advice, and more!

Service Angel Percie

Is a service dog for you? Is owner-training a service dog for you? What kinds of things should you consider before diving in and obtaining a puppy for service work? What is the general cost of raising and training your own service dog? What are things to be wary of? Do you have any advice for owner-trainers?

In my first installment of a multi-part series about owner-training, I talk about things to consider when determining whether or not owner-training is for you, as well as general cost estimates and different pros and cons. At the end, I give some advice that I wish I had known starting out! My next video will be about the choosing your dog/puppy from a shelter or breeder, the importance of choosing a proper breeder if you decide to go that route, how to spot the "right" breeder, and more!

I hope you enjoyed watching this and I can't wait to hear from you all! Happy 2018!

don't forget to follow us on the gram @service.angel.percie if you want more updates, pictures, and videos! love you all so much and hope you're all doing well :) Increase Your Dog's Self Control, Listening Skills & Mental Stimulation - 5 Exercises to play. How to get a service dog. 4 Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY Right Now! My Service Dog Vest + Patches (One Tigris). DORM TOUR // ft. Percie the service dog. Skills a dog needs before Public Access. 🐾 Service Dog 101 🐾. Dog Who Serve- How to Evaluate a Potential Service Dog- Finding the Right Dog for Work. Take a Bow (How to teach your dog to bow). Psych Service Dog Training - tasks and obedience. Minimalist Living on 10k/year in an RV, Simple and Uncomplicated Life. SERVICE DOG GOES TO PROM! 12 Things Your Dog Hates About You. Raising A Service Dog Puppy! Training Your Balance Dog.

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