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Tucks the Mini AussieDoodle Puppy Tricks 4 months old

Awesome Doodle

How smart is this puppy? Tucks (AKA Kentucky) had a long trip from Kentucky to California, where he now lives with his proud owners, Sophia and Brad.

Sophia sent us this video showing what some consistent training can do for your puppy. At less than 4 months old, Tucks is sitting, laying down, and staying on command. He also knows a couple impressive tricks like playing dead, and spinning around.

AussieDoodles are SMART dogs and excel when you work with them as Sophia has. Imagine what Tucks will be able to do a few months from now?!

Watch the video closely. Notice how Tucks keeps eye contact with his owner at all times. This isn't by accident. Sophia has trained him to do this. What Tucks does is in this video is so clever, but the most amazing part is the door bell. Watch Tucks as the door bell rings. Tucks looks over, but doesn't rush to the door. He looks back to his owner. This behavior is incredibly difficult to teach when dogs are older. Spend the time with your puppy NOW and do what Sophia is doing here. It could save your dog's life someday.

Bravo to Sophia and Brad for their hard work with Tucks. He certainly holds up the "Einstein dog" reputation, and he will be an exceptional dog. Aussie Doodle Puppy Training. Cute Aussiedoodle Puppies Video Compilation. Aussie Doodle puppy Ted: Best Doodle Trainers in Hampton Roads Virginia. How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy - A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips. Dog Ignoring You? 4 Dog Name Strategies to Help! Mini AussieDoodle Puppies take a bath. Playing fetch with my 1 year old Mini Aussie Indie. The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes. What to expect when getting your new AwesomeDoodle. So You Got A Puppy... Teach These 3 Things *FIRST* (You'll thank me later). Why should I get my Aussie Doodle from AwesomeDoodle? Flynn the 5 Month old High Energy Aussiedoodle - 2 Week Board & Train - Winston Salem Dog Trainers. 5 Month Old Miniature Australian Shepherd 'Suki' Before/After Video | Best Dog Trainers Georgia. Gracie's Toy size AussiePoo puppies at 7 weeks old. Hyperactive Aussiedoodle Transformation - Dog Training Peachtree City Ga.

posted by Muchawiecl9

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