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Animal Watch

Anneka meets two guardians of the Kangal - Carl Westfield of Zoetrope Kangals and top UK Kangal Expert Sheila Reed and discusses absolutely EVERYTHING you should know about this breed.
Temperament, physicality, if they can kill a wolf and whether they are suitable as a pet or simply a working dog.

Zoetrope Kangals:

Presented By Anneka Svenska
Filmed by Dominic Houghton
Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

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This film cannot be duplicated on other YouTube channels or other media platforms without written permission from GreenWorldTV CANECORSO NARKOZ ‘A DİŞİ GELİNCE ÇARŞI PAZAR KARIŞTI GENE #canecorso #dogoargentino #jackrussell. SWIMMING WITH ALLIGATORS. Giant Wolfdog Abandoned At 'Kill Shelter' Gets Second Chance In Life. KANGAL VS KAFKAS VE KANGAL VS ALMAN KURDU KIRMA #kangalgucu. Top 10 TURKISH KANGAL Facts! 10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World. Cane Corso DoG - Gladiator of Dog Breeds. My Monster Mastiff Weighs 250lbs | TRULY. Most ILLEGAL Dog Breeds In The World! DANGEROUS OR GOOD PETS? THE AMERICAN BULLY DOG. 10 Razze Di Cani Sconosciute Più Forti Del Mondo. Yaz Kış Demeden Canı pahasına da olsa Sürüyü Kollayıp Koruyan Aslanlar ve Çoban. CZECHOSLOVAKIAN WOLFDOG - The Ultimate Guide / Animal Watch. MÜTHİŞ KANGAL KÖPEKLERİ İZLE 2019. My PET ANTS Showed Me THIS in their New ANT FARM.

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