Watching a Puppy Grow - The first 14 days - Newborn Pomeranian Puppy

Pup Property
A collection of clips showing how quickly a puppy grows in the first 46 days. This video is from newborn to 14 days old.
The dad is a pomeranian and the mom is a mix with part pomeranian. It was the first litter for her, only this puppy made it through birth out of 3. Sleepy Puppy falls asleep on baby. 5 week old golden retriever puppies really mad when someone doesn't fill their pool! Puppyhood in 365 DAYS: A CORGI PUPPY GROWS UP! Dog Loves Baby When the First Time They Met Compilation 2017. PUPPY SURPRISE!! UNBOXING THE MOST AMAZING SURPRISE |B2cutecupcakes. I GOT A PUPPY! - Cooper the 8 week old Golden Retriever. Amazing Cat Protecting Babies ✯ Cats Always Love Babies. SO FUNNY that you will CRY FROM LAUGHING - Best FUNNY ANIMAL compilation. BEST FUNNY DOGS COMPILATION 2015 - 30 Minutes of Best Dog and Puppy Fails! Using a Syringe to Feed a Newborn Puppy. Top 200 Highlights of Animals on Vine - FUNNY Animals. What do dogs do when they're home alone? *GOPRO SPYCAM FOOTAGE*. Newborn Puppy Found on the Sidewalk - Joy’s Happy Ending Story. Are You Ready for a Puppy? Cute Puppy Shower: Rescued Pup Enjoys Bath Time.

by Pup Property

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