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What English does - but most languages can't


English has unusual linguistic features most other languages don't! These skills really make English unique compared to other languages around the world.

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~ Briefly ~

The second of two fun, experimental takes on features English lacks and has. Part one lives here:

Last time we met skills English is missing compared to other languages, now it's time for what it does have:

(its spelling system)
suppletive ordinals
obligatory plurals
definite and indefinite articles
possession with "have"
perfect with "have"
passive voice
asymmetric nounpronoun alignment
particle comparative with "than"
interdental fricatives
rcolored vowels (ahem, "coloured")
nounless adjectives with "one"

Thank you for watching, and see my sources doc below for even more!

~ Credits ~

Art, narration and animation by Josh from NativLang.

My doc full of sources for claims and credits for music, sfx, fonts and images:

posted by Forsyciesf

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