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What's inside a $5,000 World Cup Soccer Ball?

Whats Inside?

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We CUT OPEN a LOUIS VUITTON Expensive World Cup Football! Would you buy this?

What about a $1,200 Chanel Boomerang? Man we have tested some expensive stuff!

Are you excited for the World Cup? Who is your team? USA isn't in it so we are going to have to cheer for Portugal.

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Music for this video is from SURPRISE BOX FROM GOOGLE!! Are We Really Famous? Things You Didn't Know About The World Cup. World’s Top 5 Weirdest iPhone Cases ft. What’s Inside! What's inside a Lokai Bracelet? Most OVERPOWERED FOOTBALL Ever! CURVE Like PAUL POGBA. What's inside FARTING Golf Balls? $995 Louis Vuitton AirPods..Bad Idea? What’s inside HOT WHEELS Ballistik Racer? What's inside a Lava Lamp? GIANT BASKETBALL TIC TAC TOE from 106m. What's inside a Microwave Popcorn Bag? Whats inside 30-Yr-Old Can of Soup? Our Ancestry DNA Results!! What's inside Juggling Balls?

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