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What you need to know about getting a Great Pyrenees

3 Birds & Kim

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Things I wish I would have known before getting a GP

I wanted to cautiously offer this video I made as a resource for people thinking about getting a GP. When I first got my GP, I did a lot of research and read a lot. A lot of the videos I saw online about what to expect seemed to be made by organizations like AKC etc. who might understand the breed characteristics, but didn't seem to be actual pyr owners.

To be honest, I'll say I'm pretty insecure about this videonot only has it been filmed in mornings without makeup, but I also feel anxious about being judged as a dog owner. I decided to share it because, as I say in the video, GPs are some of the mostreturned breeds to shelters, so I thought my experience as a new dog owner could offer some help to those thinking about getting one as a nonworking dog.

posted by Japeaxioneevi

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