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While dogs were fighting look what happened!!!

Paws Channel

This video is about the dog fighting over dominance. The dominance fights are more likely to happen when there is a female in heat. In presence of a female dog in heat, pretty much everything that your dog has learnt will go out of the window. Your dog will actively pursue or seek out the female, and this might include running off when unsupervised, refusing to return when called, and escaping from the home or garden to go off and find the female. Male dogs will go to great lengths to try to get to a female dog in season, and will have extra motivation to find them. They may jump fences, dig their way out of the garden, or chew through a tether or lead securing them in order to get on their way. There might be a dramatic change in the behavior of your dog and this may lead them to act weirdly. This can further lead to a very annoying behavior such as constant barking, howling and trying their best to get out of the house. This kind of behavior will continue as long as they can smell a female around. If they can't smell or the female goes off season then the dog will start acting normally again. As you can see in the video the most of these dogs are pet dogs that have escaped their owner's house for a female on heat. Now obviously, in situations like this your own dog will not going to be the only male in the neighborhood who is affected by the presence of a female dog in heat, or can be the dominant one. There will be a lot of dogs involved with different blood lines and this can be very dangerous for your pet dogs. When two un-neutered male dogs will come face to face while the scent of a female dog in heat is in the air are likely to be aggressive, and this can lead to deadly fights in some cases. The best solution is to neuter your dogs and this will keep them calm and away from the dangers lurking out in the streets. Mother cat risks its own life to protect kittens!!! Dog fight. Little dog Attacks A Kangal To Protect Its Territory!!! Little dog rescues its friend kangal - LOL!!! German Shepherd Saved My Kids From WILD DOG In Broad Daylight! Bull terrier comes face to face with a tiger!!! Rank Fight 2 - Ethology of Shepherd Dogs 03. - ранжирование борьба. FEROCIOUS UNKNOWN STREET DOG FIGHT - OR IS IT JUST A PLAY AS THEY END IN 3 MIN AND WALK AWAY. pitbull fight. Brave dog Attacks a Lion - Must Watch!!! Lovely Dogs - Street Dogs Fighting - Street Dogs. Rottweiler, German Shepherd & Pitbull fight over dominance!!! Dogs fighting new dog gets attacked , then bully gets bullied. AGGRESSIVE PIT BULL - Destroys other Dogs! ( Part 1 ). This is why Belgian Malinois are recognized as the Top Dogs.

posted by iddnc

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