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Wire Fox Terrier Pet Head | with Master Groomer

Dognormous, LLC

Master Groomer Nicole is going to walk you through a pet Wire Fox Terrier head. The Wire Fox terrier is usually completely hand stripped, but for a pet, we can make things a little easier for the owner by cutting some corner. Winston's body is still hand stripped to keep his color parts vibrant.

The tools Nicole used today:
small clippers https://shrsl.com/2n1qj'>https://shrsl.com/2n1qj
large clippers https://shrsl.com/2abfp
Guard Combs https://amzn.to/3nXH8kh
Brush https://shrsl.com/2abfu
Comb https://shrsl.com/2abiq
Thinners https://shrsl.com/2n1q
Finishing Touches https://amzn.to/35WWXBD

You can check out all the tools Nicole, NCMG CPAe uses in her grooms

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Dognormous is a holistic dog spa that focus on each client one at a time. We have an award winning certified master groomer who has also completed education to be a certified pet aesthetician. #dognormous #doggroomer #mastergroomer

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Please note, that there can be dangers when trying to groom your dog at home. Please make sure you have the proper tools and take precautions when attempting. Dognormous take no responsibility for what you choose to do at home and the results that may come of it.

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