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Wire Fox Terrier Who Might Be a Ninja

Wire Fox Terrier-CHANNEL


Dog breedWire Fox Terrier

Birthday5/9/2019 Male


Wire Fox Terrier is called ゛Nobleman of the Terrier゛.

As a name comes from, this dog is made for fox hunting.

It has hard hair,so it's also called ゛Wire hair fox terrier゛. It's okay to be bitten by a fox.

It's a smart, stubborn and needs a lot of exercise. So it's said that ゛if you can have a Wire Fox Terrier, you can have anything゛.

It's not popular dog for beginners, but we want to tell the charm of dog.

My family have a dog for the first time, so you can see some strange or funny points. Then, we would appreciat if you give us some advice.

This is a poor video of a doggy beginners, but we'll do our best.
Please check it out. Thank you.


posted by endeveni24

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