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Working Group Judging and Presentation | Crufts 2017


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Full coverage of the Working Group Judging and Presentation from Day 4 of Crufts 2017.

Working Group Winners Through The Years: http://bit.ly/CruftsWorking
2017 Group Judging: http://bit.ly/Crufts2017Judging
Crufts 2017 Day 4: http://bit.ly/Crufts2017Day4

The breeds in the Working Group are:
Alaskan Malamute
Bernese Mountain Dog
Bouvier Des Flandres
Canadian Eskimo Dog
Dogue de Bordeaux
Entlebucher Mountain Dog
German Pinscher
Giant Schnauzer
Great Dane
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Greenland Dog
Neapolitan Mastiff
Portuguese Water Dog
Pyrenean Mastiff
Russian Black Terrier
Siberian Husky
St. Bernard
Tibetan Mastiff

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