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Your Complete Guide To Teach Your Dog To STOP Jumping Up

McCann Dog Training

One of the more challenging behaviors to fix with an "enthusiastic dog" is jumping up on things. On your couch, on your counters and especially jumping up on people! In this video, Instructor Steve is going to show you several simple tips to teach your dog to stop jumping up. Jumping is a frustrating behavior to fix, and it can also be a dangerous behavior for both people and your dog. Steve will not only talk about the dangers of jumping, but he will also give you some dog training tips specifically to stop jumping up on counters and jumping up at guests/visitors. He'll also show you how to teach your dog to not jump up on the couch, and a few ways that you can increase the challenge once your dog is successful!

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00:00 Your Complete Guide To Teach Your Dog To Stop Jumping Up
00:37 What Is Your Response To The Behavior?
1:37 Training Steps To AVOID!
3:32 Life Is FULL Of Surprises
4:05 How To Teach Your Dog To Not Jump Up
6:43 What If You Can’t “Train”?
7:21 Bed/Mat Foundation
8:12 Using The Bed In Training
9:00 How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On The Counter
10:08 Rewarding Good Choices
12:49 Your Next Steps
13:20 It’s REALLY Important That You Train This Skill
14:04 Should Dogs Be Allowed On The Couch?
14:51 Learning The Rules First
15:27 How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping On The Couch
16:36 When Can My Dog Be Invited On The Couch?

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