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Zak George’s Wife Is A BETTER Dog Trainer Than Him?! #BreeIsBetterThanZak

Dr. Pawfessor

Zak George Is A TERRIBLE Dog Trainer'>

IMPOSSIBLE Dog Training | Dr. Pawfessor & Pixie the English Setter'>

Can This Fearful & Reactive Dog Be Helped In Under 20 Minutes By Dr. Pawfessor?!

Dr. Pawfessor is the best dog trainer on the planet. With a continued focused on education in psychology, Dr. Pawfessor is one of the only clicker trainers in the world who actively and willingly takes on “blue zone” cases with dogs that have a bite history, but can only be trained without punishment. In an attempt to entertain the world, spread awareness about the animal training community, and hold a higher sense of accountability and standards, Dr. Pawfessor makes these videos for you all. Most dog trainer aren’t a fan of the Dr. Those same dog trainers aren’t a fan of the truth, how methods work, education, standards, and accountability. Dr. Pawfessor works with trainers and owners from all over the globe, has mentored countless people who are pursuing a career in animal training, including a veterinarian from Brazil, has been flown around the world to help kennels in need, and won’t stop until accountability is met. He may ruffle your feathers, but it’s to teach you how to fly better. Interested in working with Dr. Pawfessor for your personal pets? Perhaps you’d like to become a pet trainer or improve your already existing skills as a pet trainer and become a clicker trainer. Contact Dr. Pawfessor via social media or email. Sometimes the bear gets the fish…sometimes the fish gets the bear.





posted by Mojulom4

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