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A foxhound is a type of large hunting hound bred for strong hunting instincts, great energy, and, like all scent hounds, a keen sense of smell. In fox hunting, the foxhound's namesake, packs of foxhounds track quarry, followed—usually on horseback—by the hunters, sometimes for several miles at a stretch; moreover, foxhounds also sometimes guard sheep and houses. There are different breeds of foxhound, each often called simply Foxhound in their native countries: American Foxhound Dumfriesshire Black and Tan Foxhound (extinct) English Foxhound Welsh FoxhoundThe American Masters of Foxhounds Association recognizes these breeds of foxhounds: American, Penn-Marydel, English, and crossbred foxhounds. The International Foxhound Association was created in 2012 for the international promotion of the Foxhound as a breed.
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