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A Goldendoodle is a dog crossbreed bred from a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. The name is a portmanteau of "Golden" (from Golden Retriever) and "Labradoodle" (itself a portmanteau of Labrador Retriever and a Poodle). Whilst primarily bred as companion dogs, Goldendoodles have been successfully trained as therapy dogs, guide dogs, and other forms of assistance dogs.Goldendoodles were first widely bred by designer dog breeders in the 1990s in Australia and the United States, in some regions of the United States it has become one of the most popular dog varieties. Deliberately breeding poodles with golden retrievers preceded this, such as by Monica Dickens, who crossed the two breeds in 1969.The original aim of the Goldendoodle's breeders was to produce an alternative to the popular Labradoodle from which the cross takes part of its name. The cross can result in a healthier animal than both parent breeds, hybrid vigour reducing genetic issues found in both. Often claimed to be 'hypoallergenic' or 'non-shedding', Goldendoodles do shed hair, although often in lesser quantities than many other dogs. As a crossbred dog there is no consistency in shedding between animals.Usually first- or second-generation crosses, Goldendoodle vary considerably in appearance; they can be bred from any one of the Toy, Miniature or Standard-sized Poodles, the resultant offspring coming in several sizes. The miniature Goldendoodle typically stands up to 20 inches (51 cm) and weighs 15 to 35 pounds (6.8 to 15.9 kg), the medium Goldendoodle typically stands 17 to 20 inches (43 to 51 cm) and weighs 40 to 50 pounds (18 to 23 kg) and the large Goldendoodle typically stands 20 to 24 inches (51 to 61 cm) and weighs 50 to 80 pounds (23 to 36 kg). The Goldendoodle's long coat can vary considerably, from very curly like that of a Poodle's to almost straight like a Golden Retriever's.
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