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The Welsh Terrier (Welsh: Daeargi Cymreig) originates from Wales and was originally bred for hunting fox, rodents and badger, but during the last century it has mainly been bred for showing. Despite this, it has retained its terrier strength of character. The Welsh Terrier has been claimed to be the oldest existing dog breed in the UK according to research.The Welsh Terrier was a latecomer to the British show-ring (being primarily a working dog) and was not officially registered as a breed until the 19th century. It is currently on the UK Kennel Club's list of breeds that are in danger of dying out, having as few as 300 or so pups registered annually, as compared to the nation's most popular breeds that are registered in the tens of thousands each year.Monkey Fein, of Los Angeles, CA, is the longest known lived Welsh Terrier at 17 years 9 months 10 days old. July 10, 2002 - April 20, 2020. Also the nephew of Lewis Fein.
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