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Darby ♥ Our Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppy

Marlana Williams

Meet Darby! She's from Snugglebug Aussies in Bella Coola, British Columbia, and she stole our hearts the second we saw her.

We got her when she was 10 weeks+3 days old. On day one with us, she was shy but accepting of our love for her. She began figuring out house-training on day two, and aside from two accidents she seems to have it down after one week! She plays beautifully, already knowing how to fetch and to select chewy toys to keep her busy. I've taught her how to sit after three days, and she knows now how to sit for meals, treats, and a toy.

She's had a quick bath and has met her veterinarian - and all is well! At 11 weeks old, she's 10in tall to the shoulder, 19in long from nose to "tail", and weighs 6.4lbs.

I can't take video of it because it's always so sudden, but Darby is so affectionate sometimes! In the mornings, she wakes up and loves to jump onto my lap, and "hug" me, smelling my hair and neck and giving me kisses.

I believe after our first week, Darby is very happy with us. She has a little routine of leash-training, bedtime, and when "training time" is for learning commands. The rest of the time, she's playing and giving/getting affection until she can't take it anymore and needs to sleep it off. ♥

posted by zachary1134oz

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