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Dogs 101- Irish Setter

Animal Planet

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No one knows for sure, but it's believed the Irish Setter has a dash of five different breeds in its lineage. DOGS 101 Boxer. Dogs 101- Leonberger. Dogs 101 - Mi-Ki. 20 Things that Only German Shepherd Owners Would Understand. Dogs 101 - Belgian Malinois. Dogs 101 - Bluetick Coonhound. Irish Setter retrieves bottle from the swimming pool. Irish Setter / Dog Breed. Dogs 101- Australian Cattle Dog. Boston Terrier dog breed. All breed characteristics and facts about Boston Terrier dogs. Dogs 101 - Swedish Lapphund. Dogs 101 - Papillion. Dogs 101- Dandie Dinmont Terrier. Dogs 101 - Airedale Terrier. Irish Setter.

posted by Lyderaua8

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