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The Mysterious Anatolian Shepherd Dog

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Pros and cons of owning an Anatolian Shepherd include the following. This large and intimidating looking dog breed is not recommended for first time dog owners. Anatolian Shepherds are very independent minded dogs and despite being a very intelligent breed, Anatolian Shepherd can be challenging to train because of the independent temperament. Anatolian Shepherds are naturally protective dogs that were originally developed to protect livestock from predators. Anatolian Shepherds are not recommended for living in an apartment - these smart dogs need a job to do during the day. Anatolian Shepherds are working dogs that quickly get bored when they are left with nothing to do during the day, which is a con. A lonely and bored Anatolian Shepherd can develop various behavior problems, which is a disadvantage.

1 – Anatolian Shepherd temperament
2 – Anatolian Shepherd puppies
3 – Anatolian Shepherd Care
4 – Anatolian Shepherd health issues

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